Welcome to My Author Journal…

Hi. My name is Al Turner, author of The Page Chronicle Series. I also write podcast scripts, copywriting and other projects.

I enjoy researching whatever it is I’m working on – whether a novel or a technical piece. My favorite form of research is traveling to a destination where a chapter or two from one of my books takes place. There’s nothing like submerging oneself into the culture and landscape before proceeding to write a scene.

I intend to document some of those locations in my journal, as well as some thoughts around characters, plot and anything else that happens to spring up along the way.

The Emerald Coast Effect

I absolutely love traveling down to the Gulf Coast states and their many wonderful seaside towns. Galveston, New Orleans, Biloxi, Orange Beach, Pensacola and Destin (the list goes on). Okay, so New Orleans isn't exactly a seaside town, but I've visited along the way many times. In my first book, ...
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